Friday, November 2, 2007

Cadillac Hotel

Michael Nulty, President of Alliance for a Better District 6 presents Leroy Looper with a commemorative certificate on behalf of the Tenderloin

Alliance for a Better District 6 commemorates the Cadillac Hotel Centennial

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Cadillac Hotel Centennial Celebration

The 100th birthday of the Cadillac Hotel in San Francisco's Tenderloin District. Celebration includes Leroy and Kathy Looper, their family, Mayor of San Francisco, Pres. Bd. of Supervisors, Nancy Pelosi, etc.

From the Castle to The Cadillac Hotel

1884 restored Steinway Concert Grand Piano was donated to the Cadillac Hotel in San Francisco's Tenderloin District on 6/22/07. In memory of Patricia Walkup, San Francisco activist.

Concerts at the Cadillac (Jazz)

Free series of concerts at San Francisco's Cadillac Hotel in the Tenderloin. This concert featured Joyce DiCamillo, piano...Geoff Brennan, bass...Babatunde Lea, drums and percussion. October 19, 2007.

Cadillac Hotel concert – Paul Hogarth

Paul Hogarth, lawyer and pianist, plays Clair de lune (Debussy) on the Cadillac Hotel's $125,000 piano. Recorded on Friday, July 2007

Cadillac Hotel Concert – Luke Thomas

Photojournalist and writer Luke Thomas improvises a jazz riff after the Cadillac Hotel's first concert on its $125,000 piano.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cadillac Hotel 100th Anniversary Celebration Program

Pianists Wendy Loomis

Patricia Walkup Memorial Piano played by Paul Hogarth video

Paul Hogarth playing the Patricia Walkup Memorial Piano

Lee Walkup playing piano

Leroy Looper and Lea Curry

Leroy Looper and Julian Davis

Lee Walkup

Lee Walkup

Lee Walkup and Mary Lynn Bowman

Brad Paul

Randy Shaw

Esan Looper

Kathy Looper, Camela Gold, and David Seward

Captain Gary Jimenez and Randy Shaw

Lee Walkup

Leroy Looper and Tom Ammiano

Tom Ammiano, Leroy Looper, and Randy Shaw

Esan Looper



Cadillac Residents and Attendees

Glenda Hope, Elaine and Joe

Nancy Pelosi's aide

Supervisor Aaron Peskin

Leroy and Kathy Looper



Leroy Looper holds Proclamation from Mayor Newsom

Mayor Newson shakes hands with Leroy Looper

Mayor Newsom presents Leroy & Kathy Looper with Proclamation

Leroy Looper Bio

Leroy Looper grew up poor on the streets of Washington, DC. He had decades of struggle with substance abuse and the criminal justice system before he totally transformed his own life. For 40 years, he has taken responsibility for helping tens of thousands of ex-offenders, people with mental illness, senior citizens, youth, and people with drug addictions by founding a series of programs on both the east and west coasts. Leroy is the founding Board Chair of YouthBuild USA and the founding chairperson of YouthBuild San Francisco.

Looper also created Reality House East, a nonprofit outpatient program serving drug addicts through methadone, day treatment, and vocational workshop programs, in collaboration with Steve Chinlund; and Reality House West, a nonprofit that provides drug detox and rehabilitation services, a youth offenders residential program, housing for 160 low- income senior citizens, a re-entry program for federal prisoners, and community development work in the Tenderloin area of San Francisco. Additionally, Looper and his wife, Katherine, founded Chateau Agape, a residential care home for 27 severely mentally ill low-income adults. He has a master's degree from Antioch College West and an honorary Doctorate of Law from St. Michael's College.

Art Glass Sculpture by Ms. Mary Lynn Bowman

100 Years Cadillac Hotel Cake